1. Merger & Acquisition

With the support of our potential investors and financial institution, we plan to join partnership as stakeholder  with reputable coal miners situated in Canada, Indonesia and Australia by  providing coal mine project financing arrangement, and  loading facilities.

As direct stakeholder in coal mine gives us flexibility and ability to plan productions and react accordingly to the challenging supply for the Korea market environment. Such roles  facilitate us as a producer, supplier, and trader will bring us closer to our valued clients.

  1. Off Take Agreement

By our investment as a member of stakeholders in coal mine, we bring price competitiveness to our potential buyers through active participation in off-take agreements with miners and managing a range of innovative logistics solutions.

By doing this, we are providing an access to the investors for a wide range of small and medium sized producers with whom we have developed a long-term relationships in Canada, Indonesia and Australia as well as servicing numerous long term suppliers with utilities.