At Klandee R&E we are passionate about bringing true value to all our counter parties through many creative ways that overcome business challenges for them.

Our philosophy can be summed up in a few simple words – OPTIMISATION for you!

Uncompromising attitude towards your satisfaction helps us leverage on our relationships in this competitive market.

Value proposition

Our ethical and transparent business practices that result in a win-win situation for all parties involved in a deal.

 How do we help Buyers?

As a buyer we understand your difficulty in moving goods across continents. We offer you full support in logistics with our trusted partners. We invariably have buy/reserve positions in the commodities we trade in. This results in immediate supply of good when you need them urgently. Needless to say we enjoy a greater bargaining power with suppliers since we source goods for multiple clients.

Last but not the least; we work with you from the beginning to the conclusion of a deal. We offer a total solution comprising goods and logistics along with arranging trade finance at a much cheaper cost of finance. Our experienced team puts their proven deal making skills at your disposal so that you can focus on you core manufacturing or trading activities.

 How do we help Sellers?

It is a known fact that the market for commodities is today truly global with customers spread across even the remotest parts of the globe. In such a scenario, many times it is not possible for you to know where your customers are, let alone reaching and servicing them properly. We step in with our wide database of Tier-1 customers with whom you can do safe and high volume business. Moreover, we provide you a reliable buffer lowering your risks in terms of performance and receivables.

We have our ears to the ground all the times since we operate in many parts of the world. We therefore provide you insightful advice in terms of market trends with a wide-angle perspective of movements in international markets.